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Discos Protectores Ultra DryComfort NUK

  • Extra absorbentes para retener la humedad.
  • Suaves y delicados con la piel.
  • Ajuste perfecto.
  • Seguros gracias a la banda adhesiva NUK.
  • Envasados individualmente.
  • Contiene 60 unidades.

CN 339689.9

NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads, Absorbent Core, Secure Protection, Skin-friendly, Breathable, 30 per pack     

The breastfeeding period is a special time of bonding between mother and her child. To ensure that mothers can fully concentrate on those intimate moments, breast pads are a practical accessory – they protect skin and clothing also inbetween breastfeeding times. 

The NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads were specifically developed to give mothers the security and comfort during the breastfeeding period every day. Thanks to the especially absorbent inner layer with liquid retention, the pads are extremely absorbent and offer reliable protection of skin and clothing. The pads are particularly skin-friendly, as the materials used are not only smooth, but also breathable. The perfectly shaped pads optimally fit the breast and are nearly invisible thanks to their smooth and wrinkle-free surface. The NUK adhesive strip serves for secure fit within the bra. 

NUK Ultra Dry Breast Pads – for security and comfort every day.